Developer teams giveaway

NTR Lab gives back to the startup community

We grew 51% Y2Y in 2016 helping startups scale their software development. We worked with many amazing entrepreneurs and are grateful for the opportunities and our growth.

That's why we want to give back
to the startup community.

We did some brainstorming and came up with the idea to provide our development services for free to a couple of startups.

We will provide 2 startups that we don't already know with development teams, each consisting of 2 skilled developers, for up 2 months:

We will do it at absolutely no cost (no money or stock involved; intellectual property rights transferred to your startup).

However, we retain the right to choose the applicant we believe is the best fit. This will most likely mean that the winning startup have already raised at least a seed funding round or have been accepted into an accelerator.

Our team may help a startup at any stage to:

Our only other caveat is that we retain the right to blog about working with the winning startups. This is the first time we have given back and want permission to describe the process and publicize the story, although we retain the right not to do this as well.
If you want a couple of free developers, please send a message either below or to our CEO Nick Mikhailovsky to Please make sure to describe what needs to be done (work should be fun for the developers, too). If you want the AI team, please make sure you have a dataset to train the neural network.
It makes sense to include your pitch deck into your email.

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