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Our distributed software development team will work closely with you to ensure
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Turning ideas into software for 20 years
Our distributed software development team will work closely with you to ensure efficient, effective and timely delivery
We begin with an in-house team of NTR Labs developers
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Additional developers are recruited from across Europe, and integrated into one of our four offices
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We transfer our distributed team management expertise to your core staff and provide ongoing support
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Our distributed software development team will work closely with you to ensure efficient, effective and timely delivery
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Access money directly from your balance with our debit cards, or easily finance your everyday purchases
Sniffspot – a simple app for finding and renting private, off leash areas hosted by locals
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DGT an advanced data platform for the seamless exchange of smart data in complex business environments
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Access money directly from your balance with our debit cards, or easily finance your everyday purchases
In addition to managing multiple development centers for our customers, we have done hundreds of projects, worldwide, either directly or through subcontracts to major systems integrators and digital advertising houses, like Tribal DDB.
History of the company
NTR Labs was founded by Nick Mikhailovsky and Anton Malkov in Moscow. The first projects were for the Russian Standard Bank and ASP-db. Previously the founders developed one of the world's largest interbank payment systems for The Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
The first development center for a US tech company. DogBreath software's CTO hired two outsourcing companies, NTR Labs and another, to finish building The Digital Office for Endodontist. Shortly after, the full team was built, combining DogBreath`s internal developers and those from NTR, while the second development company was relegated to testing.
A development center was opened in Tomsk. Since then it has grown from two rooms in a modest office on Savinykh Street to almost two floors in the best office building in the Special Economic Zone.
A development center was opened in Novokuznetsk. Gradually it started to specialize in systems integration for the mining industry and then we have spun it off as a separate company, Sinergo, leading to the formation of NTR Group.
NTR continued to grow and our staff strength has first reached 100 persons, despite the global economic crisis.
TThe company faced a crisis due to the Moscow Government leadership change, which was our main customer. We have survived as a company by launching our first product during that time.
POIdo. Our first full-blown spinoff, POIdo was a location-based advertising platform. We not only learned to build advertising-scale systems, but also got first-hand spinoff experience from the ground up and inside out. POIdo won several awards, including the 2010 Geo-Loco Startup Competition.
Launched several spinoffs, one of which, Crossss, was later acquired.
Ruble depreciation stimulated the active growth of the company.
The company grew 2X compared to 2014.
Client service office in Houston was opened.
The Computer vision center of excellence was created.
The company grew 30% Y2Y. The Machine Learning Center of Excellence was created. Our Computer Vision Group demonstrates a totally autonomous drone that operates in a new unknown environment without light, GPS, pre-existing maps or human intervention.
Revenue from AI & Machine learning reached 24% based on the results of the first half of the year.
NTR Labs opens office in Tashkent, moves there international headquarters.
Our customers speak
CEO, Quarrio
"Until we started working with NTR we were struggling to meet our engineering targets and get product out in time.
After working with NTR we have been able to deploy to our initial customers, start our next generation product and are executing our strategic plan in a way that was previously unthinkable. NTR is great to work with, gives good input and executes the development without delay."
Alexander Khvatov
Founder, DGT Network
"One programmer from NTR Labs brings the skills and effectiveness of ten from any other company. NTR Labs has delivered high-quality development work and valuable insights quickly. Their knowledge, project management, and promptness stand out from similar vendors.

We had an innovative idea and needed a strong development team to implement it, since we do not possess such in-house resources ourselves. We approached NTR Labs due to their diverse expertise and a strong reputation. We worked with NTR Labs in a flexible framework, co-developing an innovative product with a constantly changing scope and requirements."
David Adams
Founder, Sniffspot
"We wouldn't have a business without NTR. They have delivered a very high quality app with efficient cost. I have been super happy with NTR. I regularly refer them to other companies and I would certainly work with them again."
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